Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Upgrading from an extremely old (6.3) version

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G Steve Hirst wrote:

Our website (Wasteflake.com) sat idle for nearly 10 years but now with the new state of the world we are starting to use again. It still works, and I was able to run the 20.1 upgrade on a backup. The upgrade mostly succeeds but generates an error trying to alter the tiki_menu_options table which doesn't exist in the target database. Is there a intermediate version I should be trying or some other strategy? I thought about creating the table but I'm sure where that would lead.
Thanks for any suggestions and/or experience. I'm going to work upgrading the backup until I'm happy with so I can try things out without causing disasters.
PS. Actually since I'm here, I'm attaching the error log fwiw. There several problematic inserts.

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