Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Error message after install

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Warning: strstr(): Empty delimiter. in /home/nonamide/public_html/ultrafractal/lib/tikilib.php on line 4084

Is what we get after succesfully doing an 1.8 install wit Fantastico.

Can anyone tell me what this means and how to solve it?
Rest of the site works well.
Thank you in advance, Eveline

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This can be because a) the Fantastico is old and its installed TikiWiki 1.8.0 which is now very old, or you have external cacheing enabled on Admin->General page.

(There are other posts in the forum with this same problem and the same Fantastico installation)


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You are probably right about the age of fantastico...I will ask my ISP...
It only happens when I set the Wiki as homepage, when I set the Articles as homepage I see no problems...
No external caching has been enabled..Thank you so much for your prompt answer, I will get back to you when the problems are solved..
Happy New year! Eveline