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Problem with upgrade to 3.0

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Hi I used Fantastico to upgrade a site to 3.0 and now it has failed with the following message. Has anyone any ideas or do I need to scrap the site and start all over again.

Fatal error: Class 'TikiInit' not found in /home/matrixma/public_html/matrix/lib/setup/tikisetup.class.php on line 11


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Which hosting provider do you use? I am on siteground, just checked, only 2.2 is available through Fantastico.
Here I managed to upgrade just by copying the 3.0 files up by ftp, than copied them over the 2.2 files, removed the lock from /db folder, than logged in and run tiki-install.php
The upgrade went fine, I had no problems, maybe you can skip fantastico and try this way,

Hope it helps,